Megyn Kelly Joy Behar Elton John: Megyn Kelly Schools Joy Behar Video

Joy-less Behar and the “ladies” of The View discussed the Limbaugh wedding. Behar said both Kathryn Rogers Limbaugh and Elton John were there for Rush’s “wallet.” See the video below.

E.D. Hill, formerly the gal-pal on Fox and Friends with Doocy and Kilmeade, sat in on the petty-fest. She thinks Sir Elton may have agreed to perform for “money.” Whoopi said Elton is married to a man in London, but they are not “married,” and for whatever reason, Sir Elton doesn’t believe same sex-marriage should be legalized.

Megyn Kelly attended the wedding with her husband. Here’s the video.

Megyn Kelly on Limbaugh Wedding, Joy Behar, Elton John (video)