Laura Ingraham Bill O’Reilly: Ingraham talks of Spin and Shows the KoolAid on Factor Set Video

Laura Ingraham argues with O’Reilly that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is over FEMA, and Big Sis needs to go. See the video below.

Laura Ingraham

She points out that we don’t need the top musicians at the White House (Paul McCartney). We need the top engineers from all over the country. Laura has the cojones to tell Bill “this is the spin zone,” and it wasn’t a slip of the tongue. Then she held up the Kool-Aid. It ends with Laura saying: “I’ll give you a Salazar and I’ll raise you a Napolitano and a Holder.”

O’Reilly was stunned, and tried to cover. He told Laura he saw the Kool-Aid delivered to her house. Lame. Really lame. Really embarrassing for Bill, because Ingraham is saying what many of us are saying about Bill O’Reilly’s Factor. Thanks to The Right Scoop.

Laura Ingraham and Bill O’Reilly on Spin and Kool-Aid (video)