Israeli IDF Saves Palestinian Girl: Palestinian Children Sing of Martyrdom

The first video is a Palestinian family whose 5 year old daughter was hit by a rock as she was riding in her parents car. The video appears to indicate the rock was thrown by Palestinians from surrounding hills. An Israeli IDF soldier stops and probably saves the girl’s life. The second video is of Palestinian children singing of martyrdom and revenge.

Palestinian Children

The little Palestinian girl, Jana, is now paralyzed in some areas of her body. You see the Palestinian father and mother at first frightened of the military vehicle approaching and then you see the soldier visiting the family after Jana comes home from the hospital. This is the way Palestine should live with their neighbor. Israel is more than willing – just eliminate the calls for death to Jews. The world would be a much nicer place.

Palestinian Children

In the second video Palestinian children sing of revenge, of dying for Allah, and of martyrdom. A question is asked: “Without Palestine what meaning is there to childhood?’ The unfortunate answer for these children is that they will never find peace, not because Israel is attacking them, but because Islam allows no peace if a Jew is anywhere in the area.

Palestinian Child Abuse

These children haven’t a clue of the possibility of being grabbed by Hamas and used as a human shield. How uncivilized do you have to be to teach your children to sing and praise martyrdom?

Israeli IDF Saves Palestinian Girl (video)

Palestinian Children Sing of Martyrdom (video)