Helen Thomas Fired, Dropped and Uninvited

This a follow-on to the Helen Thomas firing-retiring story. USA Today says she was dropped by her Speaker’s bureau and “agreed” not to give a commencement speech at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland. Miss Thomas has been fired, dropped and uninvited.

Helen Thomas

I was reading some comments on the firing-hiring story at Free Republic, and one pointed-out that after this blows over, Helen will be a darling on the speaker’s circuit again, and who knows, she might be hired by al-Jazeera. I can see that. Heard Bernie Goldberg on The Factor say comments like this are only unusual among the press, who repeat the same all the time but are smart enough not to say it on-camera. For details and background on the Helen Thomas story, find it here. Tipster David Lemon continues to amaze.