Gore Response to Masseuse Story: Enquirer Did Not Pay Massage Therapist

The Washington Post is now reporting the Al Gore-Redheaded Masseuse story.  Amazingly, they track how the National Enquirer report relied “heavily” on the documents behind the accusation, and point out the care taken before letting the story go to press. Added: Audio of Red-headed masseuse telling her story below. Update 7-1-10: See new charges and new evidence, along with Portland Police re-opening the case.  Update: August 1, 2010: Whatever acts of sexual harassment Al Gore committed, they are not “appropriate for criminal prosecution,” according to ABC News. See more below.

Al Gore

The most powerful part of the story, if true – and this is coming from the Washington Post, not the Enquirer, is:

According to a source friendly with the Gores, Al Gore confirmed that he received a therapeutic massage in his hotel room that night, and likely from the therapist making the accusation. But, the source said, Gore remembers getting a massage without incident and the therapist leaving on good terms.

When an accused person indicates they remember the incident differently, they’re lying. He obviously remembers this particular massage therapist, this particular night in this particular hotel.

Yes, Gore remembers it well, and not in hindsight. His attorneys have been trying to keep it under the rug since 2007, once again in 2008 – and used not-so-subtle threats when talking to the Portland Tribune:

Gore’s lawyers wrote: “You. . . . are aware that everyone who knows Al and Tipper Gore well can and does attest to the integrity of their 37 year marriage and to his honorable character. [The Gore’s recently separated]

Leaving the room on “good terms” that night- apparently worked for him, but not for the woman sent to the room of Mr. Stone.

The article makes it clear that the National Enquirer did not pay for any portion of the story. The Portland, Oregon masseuse’s attorney asked for money, but got none. For background on this story, read this. Thanks to The Lonely Conservative for the audio below. Don’t listen to it with your children nearby.

The “Red-headed Masseuse Talking About Al Gore – The Crazed Sex Poodle (video)

Update August 1, 2010:
More from ABC News:

 Rees noted that Hagerty sold her story to the National Enquirerfailed a polygraph test, thanked the hotel management two days after the alleged incident for sending business her way and “has not provided as repeatedly requested medical records she claims are related to the case.”

Rees concludes, “This case is not appropriate for criminal prosecution. The matter is closed and the investigative materials will be returned to PPB [the Portland Police Bureau].”