Elena Kagan Manipulated Medical Science to Fit Abortion Into the Democrat Agenda

Shannen W. Coffin writing at the The National Review OnLine today has a story titled Kagan’s Abortion Distortion. Coffin is an attorney in Washington, D.C. He was the deputy assistant attorney general in charge of the defense of the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act during the Bush administration.

Partial-birth Abortion – Step 2

PowerLine has the same story, A Smoking Gun in the Kagan Case? here you will find copies of Kagan’s communications as she set about to manipulate a Supreme Court decision by participating “in a gigantic scientific deception. Also see a copy of the handwritten note written by Kagan suggesting how to change the truth.

We know that this White House is not above changing the recommendations of “experts,” as Ken Salazar and Obama did when they rendered their report saying “experts” recommended a drilling moratorium – when they did not. We got an apology and nothing more. Now it seems Kagan has the same disdain for expert opinions – she is all about Democrat politics, and obviously “not a love of the law,” as I’ve heard over and over today used to describe Elena Kagan.

Teresamerica writes extensively (and eloquently) about abortion and the Rights of the Child. She also refers to the National Review OnLine Report and has a video of an illustration of a partial birth abortion. If you have not seen this, and do not know how partial birth abortions are performed, watch this video at Teresamerica. It’s a short film, well-worth your time.