Chris Matthews Republican Suicide Bombers Video

In this video, the conversation with Chris Matthews and his guest, Politico’s Jim VandeHei,  is the whine that Republicans believe they have momentum, so will not help “The President” with any of his legislation. When I hear this, and I do, over and over, I find myself talking back to the screen. The point is, we agree with absolutely nothing coming out of this White House. Everything is radical, so why would we co-operate? After VanderHei drones on, Matthews breaks in and compares Republicans to suicide bombers…and says we “don’t care who dies.” See the video below.

Suicide Bombers

This comparison by Matthews of Conservatives to suicide bombers is puzzling. I thought all progressives had great empathy for the “plight of the Palestinians” and their valiant fight against the Jews, you know – a dedication to bringing justice to their people. The heartbreaking act of a noble mother strapping her young son into the explosives, leading him to the 72 virgins, and not caring who dies shows martyrdom is the last act of mercy for “the people.”

Conservatives are interested in bringing justice to the people as well, and we plan to use our Constitution to do, just as the Palestinians use their Charters and Constitutions to send the suicide bombers forth – or at least they did until Israel erected the wall and cut them off.

I think understand Matthews now. He wasn’t criticizing us. He was pointing out how heroic Republicans are for standing up for principle. You know, Chris, it’s inconvenient but you really can’t have it both ways.

Chris Matthews Compares Republicans to Suicide Bombers (video)