Banning Sharia Law on Oklahoma Ballot

Oklahoma State Representative Rex Duncan announced the Save our State Amendment which will be on the state’s November 2nd ballot as State Question 755. See the video below.

Oklahoma Rep. Rex Duncan

Logan’s Warning is enthusiastic in their reporting of this Resolution to receive the vote of the people:

Oklahoma lawmakers have seen the light, and are looking to follow in the footsteps ofLouisiana and ban Sharia Law. This is a great step in our war with Islam. The reason is that, not only does it protect us from Islam, it will also expose the pro-Sharia Muslims. Personally I would like to take it one step further though. After the law is passed, I would arrest and deport if possible, any Muslim that calls for Sharia Law. All Sharia loving Muslims are to be looked upon as enemies of the state, just like Nazis were.

Infidels are Cool says CAIR is already worked up – not happy, and quotes an article in Politics Today:

Sharia law defines a Muslim’s duties to God and to others, including social transactions and business, penal and family relationships. It is derived from numerous sources, but is not a single code of laws and is open to interpretation, though it is generally associated in the West with a draconian strictness.

As Infidels are Cool points out with an edge of sarcasm, “jihad, death to America, Israel , anyone who stands up to Islam,” can certainly be considered “draconian strictness.”

Note the mention of “family relationships.” See, that’s the thing. Muslim families come to America, and some of the women, maybe many of the women, maybe most of the women want to ditch the burqa and hijab…and other things. Shariah law would give Muslim men the added advantage of having Shariah law, and applying it, in the Land of the Free and the Brave.

Saad Mohammed, the director of Islamic Information for the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City said:

“Sharia is more of a protection than something used to oppress,” Mohammed said.

That’s a subject for another post, but statements like this, make Americans want to run for the barf bag. We know better. That’s why laws are coming down everywhere to stop Shariah. Too bad there wasn’t a “pre-emptive” strike on Shariah compliance in our financial institutions. We are already paying for that lapse of common sense.

Video from this Logan’s Warning post:

Oklahoma State Rep. Rex Duncan 
Video text:

Oklahoma voters will have a chance to make a Pre-emptive strike against the spread of international law and Shariah law, which is the fundamentalist Islamic law spreading into Oklahoma courts
We believe Oklahoma courts should follow Federal laws, Oklahoma laws, the Constitution of our country and state and establish common laws to include other state’s laws, so long as it does not include 
Shariah law.
It’s not a problem in Oklahoma, but it is a problem in other states.
It is an emerging spreading threat. I believe other States will follow Oklahoma’s lead.