American Emily Henochowicz Loses Eye in Terror Flotilla Protest: American Artist Loses Eye in Palestine

Emily Henochowicz is an American woman who joined a pro-Palestinian demonstration against Israel’s blockade of the Mavi Mamara, or as many of us know it, The Terror Flotilla. Ms. Henochowicz, a burgeoning artist, lost an eye as Israeli military reportedly shot a tear gas canister at “Palestinian boys” throwing rocks.  The canister apparently hit her in the eye. She was taken to a hospital and underwent surgery.

Emily Henochowicz

Henochowicz is 21-years-old and a resident of Maryland. She attends The Cooper Union in New York and is “currently studying at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. The Cooper Union’s mission statement says it “prepares talented students to make enlightened contributions to society,” through “Advancement of Science and Art.”

Obviously the loss of an eye will be critical to her success in the Art world. Ms. Henochowicz’s website reveals obvious talent through whimsical abstracts, her virtual sketchbook, and an avatar that tears at your heart.

When she was 18, in February 2007, The New York Times reports this about Emily and the Blasphemy Challenge:

Emily Henochowicz, an 18-year-old who denied God with a wry smile in her video, is among those who find the videos an interesting way to talk through the issues of religion and faith…

After much consideration, she decided to stop believing in “mysticism,” including God.

Ms. Henochowicz, who was raised as a Jew, said she began questioning the concepts of God and faith after the death of her grandfather a few years ago. A high school senior, she formerly attended a Hebrew school and prayed to God but felt unclear about what happened to some after death.

Here’s the thing, any Palestinian roadblock is dangerous. Any Palestinian roadblock with Israeli military standing on the other side is dangerous. This 21-year-old, maybe, thought she could make a “difference” for the people of Palestine.

No doubt the Israeli IDF standing guard had some soldiers younger than Emily. Their lives are threatened each and every day, and not only their lives, but the lives of their families. They are not attending a summer-session school. They are defending their country against those vowing to kill them and their loved ones. Does anyone care that Hamas, the PLO and Hezbollah have promised “Allah” to eliminate Israel? Has this young woman read these documents? If she doesn’t believe in God, what does she think about Islam’s Allah, which is the government and the religion, all wrapped-up in one not-so-tidy fatwa?

It doesn’t matter where in Palestine an American stands.  She/he cannot make a difference for the people. Hundreds or thousands of Americans standing anywhere in Palestine cannot make a difference for the people. Only the people can make a difference by changing the terrorist regimes that pitch them into war everyday. Palestine’s goal of eliminating Israel will bring warring to the people. Someone must step and change that goal.

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