Alia Sabur BP Oil Spill: Alia Sabur can Plug the Damn Hole with Seabed Retread?

Alia Sabur is a certified genius and at 18 years old broke a 300-year-old record to be the youngest-ever college professor. She has an idea for plugging the damn hole (the damn oil spill), and since I’m not a genius, I can’t judge whether it will work or not…but it sounds reasonable.

Alia Sabur

Sabur’s plan is surround a pipe with deflated auto tires, then insert the pipe and tires into the leaking rise, then inflate the wheels to form a seal. Can James Cameron top that? He’s an “underwater filming and remote vehicle” genius, so the Feds want to “brainstorm” with him.

The tires might not be able to fully inflate inside the pipe, but the resulting seal would be able to stem the flow of oil and redirect it into a new pipe, she said. A valve in the pipe could be closed to block the oil or open to allow it to flow, presumably to a ship on the surface.

Alia Sabur is finishing her Doctorate in engineering in Philadelphia at Drexel University. Sabur said what makes her idea different is her solution is designed to go inside the pipe, rather than over it or around it. Sabur began reading novels at the age of 2 and by age 11 she was playing clarinet with the Rockland Symphony Orchestra.

Maybe the Administration will give this a try (hey, they’re in charge, remember?). Alia looks nothing like Sarah Palin, but maybe a little like Nancy Pelosi (no offense to Ms. Sabur – they just have similar hair styles).