Opryland Hotel Evacuated: Opryland 10′ of Water inside Video: Grand Ole Opry Flooded

Have you been inside the Opryland Hotel, or do you have future reservations?  The levee on the Cumberland River was topped. The video below estimates there is about 10′ of water in the beautiful hoteI. I heard on my local Tulsa radio station that a station employee and her husband were at Opryland and were evacuated without collecting their belongings. They are flying back to Tulsa because their car is under water.

From The Examiner:

…it is too early in the recovery stage to determine how long the hotel may be flocsed for, but it looks as if it will take several months before it may reopen. Gaylord Entertainment Company [the owner of Opryland] also stated that areas of the hotel are submerged under 10 feet of flood waters.

Opryland Hotel

Opryland Hotel Atrium

 The Grand Ole Opry is also flooded with several feet of water. The original Grand Ole Opry house, the Ryman Auditorium is located in downtown Nashville and at this time there is no imminent threat.Here’s the video.

 Grand Ole Opry

Opryland Hotel Flooded (video)