Obama Measures Economy by his own Secret Recipe

The other worldly Barack Obama has no faith in economics, as we know them. He measures progress by “a different pulse,” he says. My hubby says it’s kinda like  “Obama’s own secret recipe,”  for coming up with facts and figures. We’ve certainly had more than our fair share of the Obama administration’s errant calculations. They always get it wrong. They haven’t hit one prediction even close to the real result. How convenient. It’s a little like teaching New Math in The Time of Obama, or Democrats rewriting history in text books, or dismissing the voter fraud case against the New Black Panthers because…well, because…uh, the Department of Justice wanted to.

Karen at Lonely Conservative has some excellent commentary on his “different pulse:”

First of all, the millions of Americans who can’t find jobs don’t really give a rat’s behind that GDP is up a little bit from the dreadfully low point. Second of all, WTF is he talking about? Measuring progress by a different pulse? What’s that all about? Will we finally have “progressed” once the economy is decimated by cap and trade and millions of formerly illegal aliens flood the welfare rolls?

Obama’s “different pulse” on the Economy (video)