North Korea Torpedoed Gulf Oil Rig? US Blackout of North Korean Attack on Gulf Oil Rig?

This report is out there, but not in the mainstream media. I can’t vouch for any of it. A site identifiying itself as an EU online source, says Obama has ordered a “blackout over North Korean Torpedoing of Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig.”

Deepwater Horizon after Explosion

The EU TimesOnline report basically says the Russian’s Northern Fleet reports that the Deepwater Horizon oil platform was built and financed by South Korea, and because South Korea refused to sign an Armistice to end the Korea War, it is “permissible” for North Korea to attack a South Korean interest. A North Korean vessel, supposedly, is staffed with a “suicide” sniper “corps that left the Port of Havana and “severely deviated” from its planned course, taking it 209 miles from the gulf oil rig that exploded and burned, and guess what? The claim is, they launched a mini-submarine, with the suicide snipers aboard, who attacked the oil rig with “2 incendiary torpedoes.”

And the U.S. ordered a news blackout over the incident. Remember, I’m not vouching for anything in this report.