Muslims SEIU ACLU Running Justice says Rep. Steve King

Rep. Steve King (R-IA-5th) said today Muslims, SEIU and the ACLU have infiltrated the U.S. Justice Department and are calling the shots. Let’s add the State Department too. Take a look at his press release today. What is it King knows that we don’t?

Steve King

Rep. King called on Attorney General Eric Holder to make public the DOJ’s draft complaint challenging the constitutionality of the new Arizona illegal alien bill.

“The ACLU, SEIU and the Muslim American Society are calling the shots at the Justice Department.  The ‘draft complaint’ DOJ has prepared to challenge the Arizona law is a ‘cut & paste’ version of the class-action lawsuit the ACLU filed in United States District Court on May 17th. 

No other conclusion could be reached unless Holder releases the Department’s ‘draft complaint.’ But when it becomes public, all of America will know what I know today. The ACLU and their radical affiliates are dictating the policy of the White House and the Department of Justice.” 

Thumbs up in gratitude to Rep. King for speaking out.

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