DOJ Drafts Challenge to Arizona Immigration Law

Attorneys in the U.S. Department of Justice has recommended that Attorney General Eric Holder file suit to challenge Arizona’s new illegal alien bill. That action follows the DOJ Civil Rights Division filing a “civil complaint” against the same Arizona legislation.

Civil Rights means securing votes for Democrats

Holder and Obama were threatening to sue before he even read the bill. Claiming that securing the border is the job of the federal government, Justice hopes to bully the bill, which follows federal law, out of existence.

Megyn Kelly on America Live is reporting on the widely reported news that police chiefs have met with Eric Holder, and have opposed the Arizona law, but ignored the fact that the quotes were from only one organization known as PERF (Police Executive Research Forum), and not every police organization. PERF, according to their own website, is “a national membership organization of progressive police executives….”

The DOJ Civil Rights Division is a joke. Nothing coming from this division is about civil rights – but is all about securing votes for Democrats. In the meantime, Arizona’s posture is “bring it on.” The state is confident that their law, which follows federal law, will withstand the challenge, and they push on with the astounding decision to pull teachers speaking poor or broken English, out of Arizona classrooms. Arizona is a role model for the rest of us. God bless Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer.