DC Police SEIU: DC Police Escort SEIU Protesters to Bank Exec Home

If you have any concerns about the Obama agenda, and your own sovereignty as a citizen of the U.S., The One sent you a clear message when the Washington D.C. Metro police escorted 13 buses of SEIU bully-protesters to the Maryland Montgomery County home of Greg Baer, a Bank of America executive. Baer’s teenaged son was inside the home alone.

SEIU on the lawn Bank of America Executive

Five hundred SEIU bullies stood “near” Baer’s front lawn, which obviously means that many others in the neighborhood had to put up with this police and union protest as well. One of those was journalist and FOX News contributor, Nina Easton,  who spoke to Baer’s son by phone as the protest was happening.

Read more by Liberty Chick writing at BigGovernment here and here, and check out her blog here. If police standing by as a private home is innundated by 500 thugs, isn’t alarming to you, and if hair somewhere on your body isn’t standing straight-up, you are not thinking.

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