Albor Ruiz New York Daily News: Columnist Ruiz says National Guard on Border a Gift to Extremists

This is the kind of rhetoric that makes us want to say: throw them all out – no exceptions! New York Daily News columnist Albor Ruiz headlines with President Obama gives extremists a gift by sending 1,200 National Guard troops to US-Mexican border.

Illegal Alien Supporters blocking traffic in New York City
He suggest a “crocodile-infested moat” might be next. No, those of us who think clearly know the crocs would be dead in seconds.
If legally-resident Hispanics want to feel welcome in this country, they must separate themselves from the likes of Ruiz. We will never, never accept the illegal and dangerous activities these people seem to think is okay. We did it for many, many years – to the detriment of our children. We won’t do it again, and if you are a person with no respect for our laws, we will work for your permanent removal. We will win on this one, which amazes you – because we have been so totally ineffective in the past, but no longer – consider yourself warned –  you are gone.
After a heated (or perhaps icy) meeting on Capitol Hill with Senate Republicans and the President this week, with Republicans pounding home securing the border before passing immigration reform, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ-8th) agreed with Republicans. Outstanding! Giffords’ district borders a border. Her constituents are living a nightmare of drugs, filth, trash, trespassers and smugglers. One of her constituents was Rob Krentz, the rancher murdered by illegal aliens on his own property.

Mr. Ruiz, you think you are powerful and pithy, but in truth, you are simply pitiful.