Tigers 90 Bodyguards Protect from 15 Mistresses: Joslyn James Threatens Picket and Megaphone

Some 90 bodyguards will stand by Tiger and protect him from the possibility of some or all of his 15 mistresses showing up anywhere he happens to be. The most egregious of all the Tiger women seems to be porn star Joslyn James, who has threatened to picket outside Augusta National with a cadre of women and a megaphone.

Augusta National uses a force of 200-strong members of their security force, but have hired an additional 82 for this year’s Master.  With Tiger’s entourage, Augusta will under the protection of almost 400 security members. As Tiger walks the tournaments, he generally has 2 bodyguards walking with him. At Augusta this year, a force of 8 will surround him.

The bodyguards are thought to have been given photos of his alleged lovers, including porn star Joslyn James who has threatened to picket the tournament with a group of friends with megaphones.

Tiger’s personal security force will include FBI and former Secret Service. Read more on dead-beat mom, Joslyn James.

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