Phil Hare Replies to Adam Sharp: Hare No Worries about Constitution Explanation

Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL-17th) doesn’t want to be disagreeable, and he certainly does not want Adam Sharp to be disagreeable by asking disagreeable questions. Earlier in the week, Congressman Hare told Tea Partier Adam Sharp that when it came to health care, the Constitution didn’t “worry” him. Okay, so at the least the Congressman believes he can pick and choose what the Constitution applies to. Bad news for him and for the country. The good news is constitutionalists are coming alive – and as the old adage goes, a sleeping giant has been awakened across the country, and we are ‘worrying’ about the failure to protect and defend it.

During the townhall-type session Sharp asked Hare a question and then doubted Hare’s answer. Hare asked Sharp if he was calling him “a liar.” Sharp said “I am.” The inconvenient questions was: have you read the health care bill? Hare replied that he had read it three times. Sharp said something like this: well, it is 8100 pages, at one minute per page, and you read it three times? How long did it take you to do that? Of course, Hare didn’t have a clue, and after trying to dodge the question, he finally walked out. I did the math. Assuming that the two bills together did number 8100 pages, Hare had to spend 405 hours reading.

In the video below, Hare is trying to explain that he was not ‘worried’ about the constitutionality of the health care law. What he fails to grasp is, his constitutients are ‘worried’ and they tried to tell him why they were worried. Unfortunately, he started the meeting by saying: “Some want me to kill the bill but that is not going to happen. Things went downhill from there. See that video here. Here is the latest video put out by Hare, with no one to ask questions, and his attempt to make everyone forget that he is not worried about the Constitution – or what his constituents worry about. Note that Hare quickly says his comment heard in video linked above, was “taken out of context,” but…nah, that’s not really true.

Thanks to Hot Air.

Rep. Phil Hare is is not ‘worried’ that you are ‘worried’ (video)