Obama Sics DOJ Civil Rights Div on Arizonas Immigration Law

I ask again: What happened to State’s Rights? When Obama said yesterday that he would ask his administration to “closely monitor and examine the civil rights” of illegal aliens in Arizona, he had already done the asking. The Civil Rights Division of the DOJ are looking into Arizona’s new law, which 70% of the people there support, to determine if it violates civil rights laws. Do you have any doubt that this DOJ will support Arizona? I don’t.

Illegal Aliens invade Roger Barnett’s Ranch (trial photos)

Read the story of Roger Barnett a few paragraphs down.

The “Civil Rights Division” of the DOJ is the same department that dismissed all the charges against the New Black Panthers when they so clearly intimidated voters at a Philadelphia polling place during the 2008 presidential election. Apparently, a Black man standing at the door with a billy stick was not intimidation. All charges were dropped, and the circumstances under which they were dropped were gut wrenching to freedom loving Americans who respect and revere our polling spots.

Obama said the “recent efforts in Arizona,” ….threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans….” What fairness? What is fair for the legal residents of Arizona who can no longer sell their property because illegals stream over their land daily, often leaving behind drug paraphanalia and trash, including needles. What is fair about lives being threatened, and sometimes snuffed out. What “basic fairness” is the President speaking of? It surely is not fairness to legal residents. If there were federal concern about legal residents, we would not have illegal aliens flooding across the border.

What about this Arizona man, Roger Barnett, who after 10 years of illegals using his ranch as a entry point, began rounding up the illegals and turning them over to the U.S. Border Patrol. They destroyed his property, broke into his home and killed his cattle. Sixteen damn illegals sued him for $32 million dollars for violating his civil rights. He was ordered to pay the illegals $77,000.00 to the illegals. The case is on appeal, and in essence Barnett is winning, but it has been a long, expensive and emotional road. Here are some additional details leading up to the appeal.

Roger Barnett Trial Photo

Just a side note: We have the right to face our accusers in court. Well, these 16 accusers used pseudonyms in the lawsuit out of “fear of adverse action based on immigration status.” Absurd.

The new Arizona law:

 “would make Arizona the only state to criminalize the presence of illegal immigrants through an expansion of it’s trespassing law.” 

We have lost all remnants of common sense?

Arizona has the ball rolling. I hope we see other states follow in their footsteps. Good job Arizona, and don’t be intimidated by the thugs in Obama’s Department of Justice.

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