Obama Congratulates Israel on 62nd Anniversary – Just Kidding

A search for “Obama congratulates Israel on 62nd anniversary” pops up numerous results, but for 2009, not 2010…you remember, back when Obama was stilll carrying on the presidential charade.

Update 7:50 p.m. EDT

Reader “Gee” has just sent a link to a Jerusalem Post announce that Obama has, indeed, congratulated Israel on their 62nd anniversary. Thank you, Gee!

“That posting
at The Jerusalem Post was listed as “Breaking News” and the White House
release of Obama’s “congratulations” was received on April 20th –  the
bloody day AFTER Israel’s Independence Day.
  In other words, Hillary
Clinton was able to get her message to the Israelis on the day of their
Independence, but our Nation’s Leader was not.  I’m not sure what is
worse – for a President NOT to send a message or to purposely send it
late, in the middle of the night of the day after.”  ~ Holger

by Holger at Holger Awakens
Excuse Me. Where is Obama’s Congratulations Message to Israel on its 62nd Anniversary of Independence?

Unless I have missed it today, I have not seen
one mention anywhere that Barack Hussein Obama formally congratulated
Israel on its 62nd anniversary (if I did miss it, someone please let me
know in comments). I see that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
extended a message to Israel but nothing from Obama. NOTHING from Obama.

what Clinton said, from the report at Haaretz:

United States will continue to stand with you, sharing your risks and
helping shoulder your burdens, as we face the future together,” the U.S.
secretary of State added. Clinton also stressed what she called her
“deep personal commitment to Israel,” one she claimed to have shared
with U.S. President Barack Obama, adding that Washington would “not
waver in protecting Israel’s security and promoting Israel’s future.”
“That is why pursuing peace and recognized
for Israel is one of our top priorities,”
Clinton said, adding that she believed it was “possible – indeed
necessary – to achieve a comprehensive peace in the Middle East that
provides Israelis, Palestinians, and all the people of the region
security, prosperity, and the opportunity to live up to their full
God-given potential.”

Now, you will see in the
quote above, I bolded the words “recognized borders” that Clinton used
in her message …get that zinger to the Israelis? Not only doesn’t the
President of the United States of America NOT extend a personal
congratulations to Israel on this day but his 3rd string puppet, Hillary
Clinton, takes this celebratory occassion to reinforce the fact that
she and Obama want Israel confined to a tight little box of land that
she and her muslim appeasing President approve of. Disgusting.

the way, I want to mention the following headlines from Obama’s
Presidency so far:

1. Obama
congratulates Iran on New Year

2. The
President’s Message to the Iranian People

3. Obama
Sends Message To Muslims From Cairo

Sends Out Message to Muslims for Ramadan

that interesting. Barack Hussein Obama hasn’t missed any opportunities
to send congratulations and messages off to the Muslim world since he
became President, but on the day that Israel celebrates an Independence
Day that is probably the most dramatic in human history, he’s got a sock
in his mouth.

What a disgusting display by the President of the
United States of America.