Marco Rubio Gets Rudy Giuliani Endorsement – Disses Crist?

Former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani is endorsing Marco Rubio’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate from Florida. Hot Air is speculating about Giuliani – considered a social Liberal and fiscal Conservative, and why he is not endorsing sitting Florida governor, Charlie Crist.

Marco Rubio

The most obvious answer is it’s payback time. Crist endorsed Senator John McCain in the 2008 presidential election, even though Giuliani asked the Governor for his support.

I think there is more to it than that, and my theory goes to Republican endorsements across the map. For example, we hear that Marco Rubio, now considered a true Conservative, has been not so Conservative at times when he served in the Florida State House of Representatives, including his time as Speaker of the House.

We are in a new day, and some Moderates are not averse to recognizing that straddling the line helps drive up the debt.  Conservatives like Rubio are ‘getting the Constitution.’ Fiscal Conservatism and Traditional Values are the yardstick by which all will be measured. In fact, I think some Moderates are now ‘true believers’ and I think Rubio is one of those. Rudy could come close, even though revenge is sweet today for him as he refuses to endorse Charlie Crist, who everyone thought was shoo-in for the Senate.

When in our history, since Reagan, have we talked about Fiscal Conservatism? We haven’t. Now it is the talk of the day – and We the People are fueling the talk. Conservatives no longer believe they have to give away the farm for a vote.

Public awareness and the Tea Party movement is giving backbone to our politicians, and most importantly, we are  shining a bright light on our forgotten U.S. Constitution. Republicans and former Moderates are doing it, while Democrats continue to hold the Constitution in disdain. ‘We the People’ ‘get it.’ The most important factor in Conservatism is the Constitution, which if adhered to, will create Fiscal Conservatism.

We now have the proper awareness that our Founding documents are the spine and backbone of this country. And Moderates are finding that they like it as much as we do. So, when a former RINO begins to ‘get it,’ let’s welcome them to the club. We will not move Rudy off of some of his social issues, but through his endorsement of Marco Rubio, he has somewhat shed his RINO skin.  It is a new day. People change. People become believers. If Conservatism reigns, freedom rings!