Little Rock Arkansas Tea Party Tax Day 2010 Video

Fellow blogger Carol Grace attended the Little Rock Tea Party on Tax Day 2010. The following are her Tax Day Tea Party thoughts and a photo. Don’t miss the explanation of how a country’s socialist policies are
determined. See a video below.

Carol says an NBC affiliate reported only 400 people at the rally. The video by rsconnolly tells a much different story.

 By Carol Grace at Seeking Holiness:

The media never misses a chance to reveal their left leaning
Yesterday afternoon I, along with around 1400 people, met at our
State Capitol to protest high taxes, low representation, and increasingly
intrusive government intervention in our lives.  I had the occasion to be sitting near a KARK (NBC affiliate)
reporter stating there were around four hundred people present.  Four hundred people–really?  Is that the best you can do? 
I spoke with business people, teachers, retired people, but did
not run into any far right wing bigots. The people gathered at this Tea Party
tax day event primarily want their voices heard.  We, the people, want actual representation in exchange for
our tax dollars, and we want personal and governmental responsibility to move
to the forefront of our daily lives. 
The main speaker for this event was Dick Morris, and as always he
presented logical and inside information about how our government is presently
run.  Morris’ insights are
invaluable because what can easily become an emotional issue over the
infringement of our liberties is broken down into numbers.  Morris made the point that we
mistakenly believe socialism is an ideology, when in reality a socialistic
society is easily determined mathematically.  According to Morris, the ability to determine whether a
society is socialistic is a numbers game–simply take the percentage of
government owned programs in a nation and the higher that percentage is, the
closer we are to socialism.
Morris has a new book, “2010 Take Back America” which purports to
detail how we can defeat the Obama agenda, beginning in November of 2010.  I purchased the book last night, and
look forward to gaining fresh insights on what we, as citizens, can do to
restore our country to “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” 
As Obama continues to ridicule and denigrate anyone who has the
audacity to disagree with his agenda, I, for one, will continue to shine the
light of truth upon the darkness that is spreading across our great land.  My only question for those who are
surprised at Obama’s tearing down of America is this–weren’t you listening to
his rhetoric during the 2008 campaign season?  Obama has not done anything he did not tell us in advance he
would do, he has simply accomplished his plans with uncommon speed. 
The Democrat Party is basing all of their hopes for the future on
their contention that the Tea Parties and the other groups railing against our
present government will die down before November.  Hebrews 11:1 says, “faith is the substance of things hoped
for, the evidence of things not seen.” 
The Democrats’ faith that the Tea Party will lose steam before November
is based on nothing more than hope, but I have moved beyond the hope realm and
into the evidence realm.  As one
speaker said yesterday afternoon, we will make our voices heard, not with
bullets but with ballots.  It is
April, but November is coming.

Carol J. Grace is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little
Rock.  She is a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican.   Carol has
one book of poetry, “Reflections of a Life Well Spent,” published in
2008, and is working on a volume of political verse called “The
Political Winds Still Blow.”  She and her husband returned to Little
Rock in 2006 after corporate assignments outside of Arkansas.

Little Rock, Arkansas Tax Day Tea Party (video)


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