Issa Want Sec Records on Goldman: White House SEC Partnerup – Goldman in on it too?

If you haven’t heard the speculations that the White House has paid Google for certain keywords (Goldman Sachs SEC) to direct googlers to Obama’s campaign website “Help Change Wall Street,” where Obama sucklings can donate to The One, then you’ve missed all the news today. But that’s not nearly all: the White House denies knowing that the SEC was filing a civil securities fraud suit against Goldman Sachs…when they bought the keywords: Goldman Sachs SEC.

White House and Sec Partnership?

 What a coincidence that…oh let’s buy some keywords…what would be
good key words? How about “Goldman Sachs SEC?” And the first hit on the
page is Help Change Wall Street ( Yes, that’s some

Issa says:

“The American people have a right to know whether the commission, or any of its officers or employees, may have violated federal law by using the resources of an independent regulatory agency to promote a partisan political agenda.

 Then we find that perhaps
The New York Times knew about the SEC complaint before Goldman Sachs knew. It begs the question: did the
White House know before Goldman? It’s all just a bit too tidy. Issa says it raises “serious questions aout the commission’s independence and impartiality.”

Before the commission had released its announcement, the New York Times published on its website a story describing the suit.

Less than half an hour after the Times story’s publication, Organizing for America, the successor organization to Obama for America and now a project of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), sent millions of supporters an e-mail message from President Obama urging support for “Wall Street Reform.”

 You can read Rep. Issa’s Committee questions of the SEC here.

introduces his latest regime regulation…Goldman, who everyone hates, is fingered – and will be called to the chopping block and get chopped just a little bit, pay a very small fine, with no admission of guilt, which seems to be the norm for SEC civil suits. They’ll pay it out of their blockbuster first quarter net profits of $11 billion, or the record year 2009, and Obama’s regulations save the day for America…again, after all the riff-raff in the country call their Democrat legislators and demand Obama get his way. Okay, maybe the riff-raff won’t get all pumped about it, it’s boring, but the riff-raff’s legislators will claim everyone wants it, in fact the White House has already said it, and they will try to serve it up to The One.

From Rush:

…they had no advance knowledge this was happening, but they happened to get hold of Google and they said, “Look, we want to buy the search terms ‘Goldman Sachs SEC,’ we want you to direct the first hit to our website where we are going to raise campaign funds and awareness of the effort to demonize Wall Street.”  Meanwhile, the White House continues to deny that there’s any link between the timing of the SEC suit and its push for regulatory reform.

Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary: [paraphrased] We didn’t know. The SEC doesn’t notify us. [Direct Gibbs quote: “The American people want us not to play politics.”

The Politico quotes White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel:

Everybody at the White House found out like everybody else, when it hit the news….Nobody at the White House knew anything ahead of anybody else….I think what’s more important is not this particular case or what SEC did. The need for this reform has existed for over a year.”


The events of the past five days have fueled legitimate suspicion on the part of the American people tha tthe commission has attempted to assist the White House, the Democratic Party, and Congressional Democrats by timing the suit to coincide with the Senate’s consideration of financial regulatory legislation, or by providing Democrats with advance notice.”

 I wish the fine Rep. Issa a world of luck in getting the information he needs. I doubt he’ll get it. Justice and the White House disdain Congress. In turn Congress grovels. The SEC has the corrupt Mary Shaprio at the head of the snake, who turned a blind eye, even as a whistleblower told all, as chair of FINRA, and allowed Bernie Madoff to rape and pillage his investors.

Graphic courtesy of Rush