Gregory Giusti Nancy Pelosi Threatener: Giustis Mamma Blames Fox News

I’m not so patiently awaiting Senator Tom Coburn’s appearance on O’Reilly tonight to tell us just why he blamed and blasted FOX News this week. So while I am waiting, I see that little Greggy Giusti’s 83-year-old mamma says FOX News made her darlin’ boy threaten House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – death threats, apparently. Of course, she also slips in that her darlin’ has a history of mental problems.

Gregory Giusti

“Greg frequently gets in with a group of people that have really radical ideas and that are not consistent with myself or the rest of the family, which gets him into problems,” she said. “I say Fox News, or all of those that are really radical, and he, that’s where he comes from.”

Shame, shame on this woman. Liberals cannot own up to anything. Both mother and son are from San Francisco, but…still…this is downright ignorant. Did I mention that little Greggy has a…”past?”

2004 criminal threats conviction: 1 year in country jail, 3 years probation, mandatory counseling

Hamilton Square Baptist Church: A current lawsuit, filed in February 2010 – a campaign of harrassment against Church members

BART sued him for non-payment of fares

1992 convicted for Welfare Fraud and Petty Theft

It’s about time this mother take responsibility for her own, or label him the nutjob that he is.  Blaming FOX News is just…well, ignorant. And Tom Coburn is ignorant too.

Gregory Giusti Threatens Nancy Pelosi and Ends Up In the Slammer (video)