Do HIV Infected Have The Right To Lie About It?

Shane also posted this on his site Political Vindication.

They called us crazy for thinking that the push to expand the definition of “rights” would end up in a lethal absurdity – but now we’ve got proof about what’s at the bottom of the slippery slope. Planned Parenthood has a brochure out educating young people with HIV about their “rights.” On page nine it declares that “Young people living with HIV have a right to sexual pleasure.” That’s the kind of right that naturally leads to “Young people living with HIV have the right to decide if, when and how to disclose your HIV status.” Why wouldn’t a young person want to tell the guinea pig they’re have sex with that they have a deadly communicable disease? Because it might invite stigmatization “and discrimination with their community.” Or it might lead to having to disclose other secrets, like that you’re heroin addict, or that you’re “having sex with people of the same gender.” Worst of all, you’re partner might “react violently or end the relationship.” According to PP – these are all good reasons to resist the urge to tell the people you’re having sex with anything about the danger they’re in. The casual dismissal of the right of a person not to be infected with a incurable disease is positively evil, I can think of no other way to describe it if we’re to assume that the adults writing this brochure have thought about the consequences of influencing “young people” with this kind of “rights” talk. It’s worse than a lethal absurdity, it makes a mockery of the dignity rights are recognized to protect.

Follow the proscription to its logical end. If one has a right to sexual pleasure, who has the right to refuse it? If that pleasure involves children, so what? Sex with children has been common throughout human history. How about sex with animals? If pleasure is paramount, should not any living thing prepare to be violated? No, you say – it would be wrong to injure somebody or something just to get our rocks off. But there are few worse injuries one can inflict than infecting another with an incurable disease, so it seems that anything short of murdering someone or something in pursuit of an orgasm is now acceptable. It’s like asking whether you want your arm chopped off or be infected with HIV? If you’re flinching it’s because you see there’s a bulbous contradiction bursting to show how dangerous is the disastrous misapplication of the term “rights” to include everything from health care, owning a home and having food to eat. Not only does every desire become an intangible, but they all depend upon enlisting the government to force me (using violence if necessary) to pay in one way or another for your healthcare, home, food and now, sexual pleasure. It’s rape in the guise of justice, and the quickest route from Rousseau’s narcissism to Nietzsche’s despotism. If this is what we’re teaching our children, we’re doomed.

Take a moment to read the Planned Parenthood brochure – it’s hedonism written at a seventh grade level. It may be first time I’m happy that many American children can’t read well enough to understand it. God help us.