Washington DC Ritz Carleton Health Care Protest: Crimes Against Health Care Protest

Breaking: FOX is reporting a 1,000 person pro-health care protest outside the Washington, D.C. Ritz Carelton at about 1 PM EST. Inside the hotel, a meeting of American health insurance providers is underway. The protesters are accusing those in the meeting of “crimes against health care. The reporter I am listening to says the goal of the protesters is to arrest those attending the meeting inside the Ritz-Carleton. Updates as available. Update 2:00 PM EST: Megyn Kelly says the protest is breaking up and the only arrests made, were of protesters.

Apparently, Howard Dean, former DNC chair, whipped up the crowd of protestors as they began their mission at the Dupont Circle.

Megan Kelly reports many union signs outside the hotel, including SEIU. What happens when the luncheon attendees try to exit the Ritz-Carleton? We’ll see.