Stupaks Living Hell: Dem Charm on Display – Obscenities, Threats

Democrat charm is on full display. Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) says the fight for government health care has been ‘a living hell.’ The congressman says all of the phones are unplugged in his house. His wife has received threats, and obscenities and people say they will spit on “you.” Mrs. Stupak will not watch television, obviously because the nation’s Liberals are railing against her husband’s principled decision to vote ‘no’ for government health care, and consequently vote against taxpayer funded abortions. See, that’s the problem: Mrs. Stupak is obviously not watching FOXNews, where she would see some support for hubby, as well as real discussion on the issues.

Bart Stupak

The threats, the obscenities, the promises of “spit” on your face are not coming from Republicans or Independents or even moderate Democrats. The threats are coming from Obama voters, which explains how the man was elected to the highest office in the world. The obscene phone calls and faxes are coming from outside Michigan, he said. Stupak is shocking Liberals across the map. They haven’t encountered a principled politician in a very long time.

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