Student Loan in Health Care Favors Minority Students

Little surprise that children of citizens paying the largest share of the nation’s tax revenue are at the bottom of the list for benefits.


This source via PowerLine:

The new package also promises new aid for colleges serving minority students, using money the government is supposed to save by no longer paying banks to make student loans. Included are annual payments of $100 million for schools with large numbers of Hispanic students, the same amount for collees with many black students, and millions more for schools wiwth large numbers of native Americans and other minorities.

This hugely bloats the estimate of $100 million in the above paragraph: Rep. George Miller’s Committee on Education and Labor website about the Student Loan provision in the health care bill:

…invest $2.55 billion in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions. This bill recognizes the important role that minority-serving institutions play in educating ourcountry’s low-income and minority students by continuing the funding provided in the 2007 education reconciliation bill for Historically Black Colleges and Universitites, Hispanic-serving Institutions, Tribal Colleges and Universitis and other MSIs.

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