States Sue EPA to Restrain Control of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Fifteen states are suing the EPA to stop their roll-out of environmental regulations that as yet, are an unsubstantiated need. Remember that Congress failed to pass a law to control greenhouse gases, so Obama handed over control to the EPA under the Clean Air Act.

The states claim that the EPA is using data from the disgraced United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and known these days as the ClimateGate Panel. The plaintiffs want the data verified – and hopefully, they will accept nothing from anyone considered a climate scientist over the past 15 years.

At least 15 states including Florida, Indiana, South Carolina have filed petitions in Washington, D.C., and have joined petitions filed earlier by Virginia, Texas and Alabama.

The Obama administration has long said it would attack greenhouse gas emissions with EPA regulation if Congress failed to pass a climate bill.

The EPA is set to issue regulations later this month that would require autos and light trucks to increase energy efficiency. That would trigger rules on large emitters like power plants requiring them to get permits showing they are using the best technology available to reduce emissions [ID:nN17158103].

The state petitions call for the EPA to reopen hearings on the so-called “endangerment finding” the agency issued last year declaring the emissions dangerous to people.

“If EPA doesn’t reopen the hearings we will move forward to try to stop them from regulating greenhouse gases,” said Brian Gottstein, an assistant to Virginia’s Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli. 

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