Scott Ashjian Felony Theft Charge: Tea Party Sues Scott Ashjian Tea Party Pretender?

This week I posted on Scott Ashjian, a Nevada businessman claiming to run on a Tea Party platform, who had questionable business dealings, and a lien placed on his home for non-payment of taxes.  Yesterday, Ashjian was charged with felony theft and bad check charges in Las Vegas. But that’s not all, Tea Partiers have filed their own lawsuit against a man they claim is a Tea Party Pretender.

Jon Scott Ashjian

According to one filing, Ashjian “bounced a $5,000 check last year.” In another lawsuit:

 In a separate matter, a Carson City District Court judge on Friday set an April 14 hearing on a lawsuit that challenges Ashjian’s membership in the Tea Party of Nevada and his place on the ballot. Documents filed with the lawsuit appear to show that Ashjian changed his voter registration on March 2, the day after he filed his declaration of candidacy.

Read the original story here with a video from the Tea Party Express.