Sarkozy Demands UN Reform: Islamic Countries Defend Iran’s Human Rights: UN Protects Islam

French President Nicolas Sarkozy told the UN it desperately needed reform, and the organization would get nowhere by requiring “consensus” on the very issues that plague it. The unspoken message is you can’t demand human rights from Islamic countries, unless you accept that sharia law will be the norm, and as a consequence, there will be no human rights as recognized by any Western population. While Sarkozy was speaking out, the UN was conducting their every-4-year review of all member countries and their human rights, and there is barely a peep from the U.S.

Reject the U.N.

Of the United Nations member states, 88 countries are fully free – only 46%, out of 192 member states. Of U.N. action against Human Rights, the council has taken action against Israel 96 times. The next highest actions have gone to the Sudan with 46 actions. Iran has had fewer human rights actions than the United States of America.

The U.N.’s own “expert on torture” Manfred Nowak, an Austrian human rights attorney, says human rights are in more peril now than ever before, with the the U.N. supposedly watching over them. A report detailing secret detentions and secret prisons around the globe included 66 countries. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and African states postponed the release of the report. Nowak said the report is not being taken seriously.

The Human Rights Council is subverted though bloc voting. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) members vote in a bloc to further Islam within the U.N. In other words, they always vote with each other. With this control, there will be no such thing as real human rights championed with the United Nations.

The U.N.’s universal periodic review process, conducted every four years, is once again trying to determine which countries might be abusing the human rights of their own people. Iran submitted a 31-page report supporting their benevolence to the Iranian people. There was “interactive dialogue,” with about 60 states weighing in on Iran.

Nicaragua sees Iran, along with themselves, as the victims of Western imperialism, and cautioned that the international community should not impose their own ideals, principles and cultural values of others. According to Nicaragua, we must accept that Islamic countries are obliged to respect sharia law.

Venezuela praised Iran despite the inequities imposed on the country by the West.

Cuba echoed Venezuela.

Pakistan encourage Iran to protect their citizens and said “no country in the world can claim a blemish-free human rights records.”

Algeria criticized the universal review process for the  lack of objectivity and singling out Iran.

The head of the High Council for Human Rights, Mohammed Larijani, declared that no Iranians were being held for their political views (but fails to mention those dead over the last year for protesting the regime’s brutality and election fraud).

A delegation member said “the implementation of certain sentences may seem unpleasant at first sight,” but Iranian “social conditions” required them.

Iranian Human Rights

Three countries, Senegal, Mexico and Pakistan will now prepare a report – and 4 years from now Iran will go through the process again, and the Human Rights Commission will have done nothing to protect the Human Rights of the people of Iran.

The Human Rights Council Advisory Committee is led by Jean Ziegler, who only 4 months about Pan Am flight 103 blew-up in the skies over Lockerbee, Scotland, announced an “annual” Muammar Qaddafi Human Rights Prize in Tripoli and declared that the United States is an “imperialistic dictatorship” committing “genocide” (and Barack Obama wasn’t even in office yet).

The uniting of nations now has Libya as the U.N. General Assembly president, the Sudan, China and Russia are vice-presidents. Algeria chairs the Legal Committee and Iran serves as vice-chair.

Of Sarkozy’s lament about an ineffectual U.N., Heritage Foundation writer Brett Schaefer says the French has stepped up, and the U.S. under Barack Obama has stepped down.