Phoenix Bee Attack: Two Phoenix Women in Critical Condition Over 100 Stings Each

Two “older” women walking through a north-Phoenix Wal-Mart parking lot were swarmed with bees, and according to witnesses, were on the ground compeltely covered with the swarm. They each received about 100 stings each and are in-hospital and in critical condition.

African Killer Bees

Firefighters found the hive and destroyed it, issuing a warning that rainy weather and flowers and trees in bloom create the perfect environment bees to reproduce quickly.

Some 100,000 bees made a hive high in a pine tree in Scottsdale, Arizona – so high a resident cannot find anyone to remove the hive for her.

The second video below gives tips for avoid bee attacks, and instructions for what to do if you are attacked. The bottom line: don’t drop to the ground – run as fast as you can, run to foliage if possible. It’s a good video.

Phoenix Bee Attack: Two Women in Critical Condition

Tips to Keep you Safe in a Bee Attack