Obama Transparency Website Found Not Transparent , Not Accurate, Not Reliable

The GAO found legislation written by then-senator Barack Obama to establish a website to track “the $1 trillion handed out in federal contracts,” to be in compliance of being created, but not in compliance with being transparent. The problem: the information posted is “missing or unreliable.” It is the job of the Obama White House to maintain the website, but hey, it’s just a law, for which this presidency has no respect. We have a website, paid for with taxpayer dollars, that is not transparent, not accurate, and not reliable.

Not everything that should have been reported was reported, and that which was reported was not always accurate,” David Powner, the GAO [Government Accounting Office] official who led the audit said in an interview.

The audit of  USAspending.gov  covered the period from June 2009 to March 2010. A total of nine federal agencies failed to report 15 government contracts, the audit showed.

The OMB [Office of Management and Budget] also did not include information on subcontracts, which was required under the bill advanced by then-senator Obama and Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK). Nor does the OMB “have a plan or process in place” for including such information, the report said.

A spokesman for Senator Coburn said “It’s clear the public’s demand for transparency continues to exceed the government’s ability to deliver transparency.”