Mike Pence: Time for this Administration to Stop Bullying Israel

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) said he didn’t believe he would live to see the day that the U.S. criticized Israel for building in Jerusalem, their Capital. “It’s time for this administration to stop bullying Israel,” he said. And joining in the criticism was Dylan Ratigan, another MSNBC radical, saying Israel is building housing “in an area that Palestinians want as their capital in a proposed state; these developments are seen as a direct provocation to Palestine.”  Palestinians have a better chance of their hell freezing over than Israel giving up Jerusalem. See the video below.

Mike Pence

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the U.S. Obama refused the customary photo-op – for the second time since Obama mounted the Oval Office. This ungracious, insolent and calculating behavior by this racist president will not serve him well.

The Muslim mindset is that you abuse, and intimidate, demean and denigrate your enemy, and you make the humiliation as public as possible. That’s why Muslim women are stoned and flogged in public. It’s why Islam hangs gays and Westerners from cranes and bridges and leaves them for the buzzards. Obama has tried to verbally flog Israel, but Mr. Netanyahu will only go so far. He has reached his limit and his demeanor showed it. Enough is enough. Israel has always done what it must do, and won’t take a crap sandwich from the bowing and fawning Obama.

Obama bows to Saudia Arabia

I am embarrassed for Hillary Clinton, who whined that Israel is “exposing daylight between Israel and the U.S. – daylight that others in the area want to expose,” she said. Without blinking or thinking our position should always be that there is no daylight between the U.S. and Israel, the only Democracy in the Middle East…our only ally in the Middle East, the only country in the Middle East with civil rights, non-existent in Islamic lands.

Israel is home to some 1+ million Muslims, with voting rights and seats in the Knesset. Arabic along with Hebrew is an official language in Israel. More than 300,000 Arab children attend Israeli schools. There are hundreds of Arab schools on Israeli soil. Arabs are free to live anywhere in Israel they choose – by law. Arabs enjoy all the freedoms of the Israeli people, but never have to prove their loyalty by serving in Israel’s military. In general, Arabs living in Israel appreciate what the country offers and quality of life is far better in this civilized nation than in Palestine.

There will be no Palestinian state. Palestine will never willingly share any land in the Middle East with Jews, although Israel would, and does, share land with Palestine. The differences between the two peoples are vast. Israel is a nation that builds and grows, produces, educates and contributes. Palestine only produces, but their  product does nothing for mankind. They produce terror, and tunnels to move their terror. They produce hate in their people and then turn the hate into terror. Palestine has never built anything that wasn’t paid for with terrorist funding, or by charitable gifts from around the world.

It is far beyond time to think about the lands that should have been Israel’s, that are not Israel’s and move forward. Let Palestine take what Israel gives them, and they’ll get far more than deserved.

Here the Mike Pence video, and I really appreciate his sentiments. Someone must say it. I have several links below on Obama and Israel. They are worth a read.

Rep. Mike Pence: It’s Time for this Administration to Stop Bullying Israel (center)

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