Mike Huckabee Charlie Rangel: Easier to Defend Jeffrey Dahmer’s Diet than Rangels Ethics: Charlie Rangel Annouces He Will Run for a 21st Term

There was never an ethics charge that any Democrat took seriously or with shame, and that’s certainly the case with Rep. Charlie Rangel. Mike Huckabee told the crew at Fox and Friends Weekends that it’s easier to defend cannabilist/murderer Jeffrey Dahmer’s diet than it is to defend Charlie Rangel’s Ethics.

Charlie lounging at his income-producing Dominican villa 
Income unreported to the IRS

Rangel, the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee certainly has his “ways,” and his “means.” He has blamed his tax problems on his wife, claimed years of “hardship status” by reporting lowered income to retain ownership of a controlled-rent apartment in New York City, and let a private-sector firms, major payor Citibank, send him on a couple of Caribbean junkets, in violation of House Ethics rules. He blamed his staff for that one. Today, Rangel (D-NY) announced he will run for re-election for a 21st term in Congress – this two days after a formal House admonishment for his “lack of ethics”

With the House Ethics Committee finding that the Harlem Congressman was guilty, Democrats are beginning to speak out. Reps. Paul Hodes (D-NH), Gene Taylor (D-Miss) Bobbie Bright  (D-AL), and Mike Quigley want Teflon-Charlie to step down from his chairmanship. This from Rep. Hodes:

The citizens of his home state sent him here, that’s their decision. But members of the Democratic Caucus made him chairman of that committee, and he should step down until all this is resolved.

The once “untouchable” Charlie Rangel (as we’re told the White House refers to Rangel) is beginning to see the President withdraw support: Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says, the Prez sez, “rules are put in place for a reason and those rules can and must apply to each and every person.” Now that’s a unique thought.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is tone-deaf. It’s not yet time for her to hear the murmurs around her. She see’s the Ethics problem but says “it was not something that jeopardized our country in anyway – this from a woman who spent millions in taxpayer monies to jet the skies, and treat her grandkids. These people are accustomed to others paying their way. A few Ethics rules will not deter them.

Pelosi did acknowledge, however, that Rangel has more than a couple of junkets to worry about, saying “there is more to Mr. Rangel’s situation,” and she looks forward to hearing from the Ethics Committee about other claims against him.

Such as:

The junkets, the rent-controlled apartments, the misreported income are not his only predicament. There’s the mortgage at the Yacht club that was converted to an interest-free loan in violation of House rules, there’s the claiming of two primary residences and qualifying for exemptions on each, there’s a lie about the value of a Florida property, some unethical fundraising for a charity in his name, and the illegal use of the House parking garage to house his older model, unlicensed Mercedes-Benz, and a now infamous “shelter loophole” to benefit a corporation that was a heavy donor to the City College of New York. Read about Charlie’s own culture of corruption here.

Here is the video of Mike Huckabee talking about Jeffry Dahmer’s diet and Charlie Rangel’s ethics.

Mike Huckabee on Fox and Friends Weekend on Charlie Rangel’s Ethics (video)