Mexican Military Helicopter Hovers Texas Homes: Homeland Security and Border Control Infiltrated by Drug Cartels

Earlier this week I reported on a Mexican military helicopter that hovered over the homes of Texas residents near the Texas border with Mexico. While I thought that was the story, it turned out not to be the whole story. Shocking to think that another country’s military aircraft would “hover” over the homes of Americans. Right? But more shocking to me was the news that our Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Control (CBP) have been infiltrated by drug cartels. 

As violence continued Thursday with a highway shootout in Tamaulipas, a Senate subcommittee in Washington heard testimony that drug cartels are trying to infiltrate U.S. agencies along the border, with corruption cases among Homeland Security personnel on the rise.

About the military from another country entering our boders and menancing American homeowners: The Sheriff said he could not confirm reports that the helicopter was scoping out the home of a drug criminal, in a “neighborhood populated by many U.S. Customs officers who work at border crossings….”

Some 576 corruption investigations were launched into (CBP) officers and border patrol last year. The agency says they are beginning to combate the incursions with more thorough background investigations and polygraph tests. What’s wrong with this picture? Not using the most stringent background checks, possible, from the beginning of the formation of these agencies is what’s wrong.

It struck me last week that no one is talking about Homeland Security and Border Patrol being compromised. Where’s the chat about this? So far, I haven’t found a peep from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano about the invasion of our sovereignty or the criminal infiltration of the agency formed to keep the U.S. safe.