Hispanic Caucus Demands Health Care for Illegal Aliens – Get these people out of Congress

We don’t know who to believe about anything in the coming health care legislation. Do we believe the legislation does not allow illegal aliens to purchase health care under the provisions of the bill? Do we believe the legislation does not provide subsidies to illegal aliens to purchase health care? Should these be questions we have to ask? How do we vote this Caucus, which advocates for crime to be written into law, out of office?

The Hispanic Caucus believes illegal aliens have the right to whatever health care may be passed. What happened to the America that would have voted these traitors out of office for this position not so long ago? What happened is the presence of unknown millions of illegals now living here. Because you are elected to the highest offices of the land, must we accept that you write and pass laws that are illegal?

The Senate language would prohibit illegal immigrants’ buying healthcare coverage from the proposed health exchanges. The House-assed bill isn’t as restrictive, but it does — like the senate bill — bar illegal immigrants from receiving federal subsidies to buy health insurance.

How is the idea that providing health insurance to people illegally in the country constitutional, when being in our country illegally is criminal? This is insanity.

David Axelrod says immigration issues will not be addressed in current reform bills. Do we believe him? We haven’t a clue what to believe.

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