Funny or Die Presidential Reunion Video: George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan Star in FOD video

Funny or Die filmed a presidential reunion featuring Ronnie, Barack, The Bushes and Bill. The message supports the Consumers Financial Protection Agency (CFPA), which I’m not fond of – more big government control, and all that. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce does not support CFPA. But the message isn’t obnoxious, and Bush isn’t bashed any more than anyone else, although Barack receives a tad more protection than the others. It’s a fun video.

Opie directs. Especially love Jim Carey as Reagan, Dana Carvey as Bush 41 and Will Ferrell as Bush 43.

The second video is a behind the scenes look at the good time had by all. You’ll like it.

Will Ferrell as G. W. Bush
Dana Carvey as George H. W. Bush
Jim Carey stars as Ronald Reagan
Fred Armisen as Barack
Maya Rudolph as Michelle
Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton
Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford
 Dan Akroyd as James Earl Carter