DOJ Finds Weapons of Mass Destruction: Hutaree Weapons of Mass Destruction

There is a wealth of information coming from the Hutaree arrests, including info on weapons of mass destruction.

The Department of Justice indictment claims the members planned to kill an unidentified member of local law enforcement and then attack the law enforcement officers who gather in Michigan for the funeral.

According to the plan, the Hutaree would attack law enforcement vehicles during the funeral procession with Improvised Explosive Devices [IED] with Explosively Formed Projectiles, which, according to the indictment, constitute weapons of mass destruction.

Apparently President Bush will be exonerated for not finding WMD in Iraq…a country to this day still flush with IEDs.

 Listen, this is coming from our Department of Justice. So which is it? Is an IED a WMD…or not. Or are WMD redefined when Americans are charged? I mean, I just sayin’…WHICH IS IT?

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