Carly Fiorina Barbara Boxer Ad – Fiorinas Second Barbara Boxer Ad

I have to tell you, I love this one. Did you know Barbara Boxer has authored only 3 bills in her 18 years in Congress: one named a river rapids, one named a courthouse,  and one actually brought some highway funds to the state. Only 3 bills in 18 years???

I’m reserving commentary on the California Senate Race for Boxer’s seat, and the three Republicans trying to uproot her, until I know more. I tend to think like Senator Jim Inhofe:

Replacing Barbara Boxer isn’t a victory, it’s a contribution to mankind.

Fiorina’s first campaign, The Demon Sheep wasnt much, in my opinion, but this one hits home using Boxer’s own words and the facts of the day. Enjoy. It’s like a sci-fi movie with a story rooted in truth.

No one knows from whence it came…

Carly Fiorina Barbara Boxer Ad – No. 2 (video)

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