Walter Reed Army Officers Disciplined in Ft. Hood Shootings

Six officers who supervised Ft. Hood shooter, Nidal Hasan, will be disciplined. Most of the six are from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

The six are as yet unnamed, and as many as eight could ultimately receive a reprimand.

The officials said that as many
as eight officers could ultimately be censured over Hasan, mostly with
letters of reprimand that effectively end their military careers.

In this day of outrageous and extreme “Military P.C.,” I hope these officers deserve “career ending” discipline. I hope these men are not scapegoats. Were they told that disciplining Hasan was profiling? Were they told their careers would end if they did speak-out against him? The way the top-brass Military have handled this, I have no confidence that there will be diligent policy to root-out the remaining Hasan’s.