The Genius of Maxine Waters: Is Maxine Waters as Dumb as She Seems?

CBS asks “is Maxine Waters Really as Dumb as She Seems?

CBS? Did they really ask this? Did they really say the following? Is CBS racist? Is this a hallelujah moment?

Please watch this video of Congresswoman Maxine Waters – in it, she
demonstrates that there is obviously NO intelligence requirement necessary to be named to
the House Financial Services Committee.

Maxine Waters and Ben Bernake

I actually pitied Bernanke as he attempted to remind Ms. Waters the difference between the discount rate and the fed funds
. Doesn’t she have anyone on her staff who could have prepped on
the material? It’s not as if these are difficult concepts.

The more Waters talked, the worse it got. These are the very people
who think they are better equipped to want to be entrusted with auditing
the Fed. Now that’s a scary concept.

H/T Hot Air