Samantha Bell is Joseph Stacks Daughter: Stacks Daughter Proud of Father: Stack a Hero

Samantha Bell is Joseph Stack’s daughter from a former marriage. Bell says she is proud of her father, and he is a hero for standing up against government injustice.

Joseph Stack

Joseph Stack is the pilot who flew his small aircraft into the front of a 7-story office building in Austin, Texas last week. The building housed IRS offices. His goal was to kill as many IRS workers as possible. One IRS agent, Vernon Hunter, 61, a Vietnam veteran, did lose his life.

Ms. Bell, 38,  says her dad was a hero and should be “respected.” Bell was interviewed by phone this morning by Good Morning America. She lives in Norway, and wouldn’t you know, she moved there because she lost her job when pregnant and Medicaid “would not take care of her.”  She said she gets more for her money in Norway.  Good grief, I hope she never comes back here.

I think too many people lay around and wait for things to happen. But if nobody comes out and speaks up on behalf of injustice, then nothing will ever be accomplished.”

I have many cases of people I know that are suffering in the hands of the government and people literally dying because they are not getting the help they need,” she said.

The 38-year-old mother of three stopped short, however, of endorsing her father’s last actions. The suicide plane attack was “inappropriate” and “wrong.”

“His last actions, the suicide, the catastrophe that caused injuries and death, that was wrong,” she said.

“He may have been somewhat frustrated, but he was a very quiet man,” Bell continued. “The father I knew was a loving, caring, devoted man who cherished every moment with me and my three children, his grandchildren… This man who did this was not my father.

“He must’ve kept this bottled up all these years.”

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