Pamela Geller – Atlas Shrugs – On Joy Behar: Geller Pummels Ronnie Reagan

 Pamela Geller, the architect behind Atlas Shrugs was brave enough to sit on a panel with snipe-witch Joy Behar, Liberal radio show host Stephanie Miller, and flaming Leftist Ron Reagan.

Pamela Geller – Atlas Shrugs

Behar begins by saying:

I have it on good authority that her entire hand was covered with folksy catch phrases, like: you betchcha, by golly, I’m only here for the money.

Be sure to watch the video below. The following are just a few delightful snippets:

BEHAR to REAGAN: Your father would have loved her [Palin].

RON REAGAN: My father wouldn’t love her, actually

BEHAR: Why would your father not love Sarah Palin?

RON REAGAN: Because she [Palin] doesn’t have a thought in her head

GELLER: That’s what they said about your father.

GELLER: Did you ever meet a thought of your father’s?

BEHAR to GELLER: It’s really hard for you to argue with the offspring of the father.

GELLER: He doesn’t share the epistemology of his father. He doesn’t have anything in common with his father.

At the end, Pam says the government of this country has been the most moral in the history of man


GELLER: I’ve been sitting here with you, and you have not said anything against Palin with any substance.

BEHAR to GELLER: YOU have not shut up!

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Pam Geller, Joy Behar, the Liberal Ron Reagan (video)