Olbermann Inhofe Family Worst Family in World: Igloo Frosts Critics

No one draws attention to the mean spirit of liberalism better than Keith Olbermann. He has named Senator Jim Inhofe’s daughter’s family, including their 4 children, “the worst family in the world.” We could say their igloo really frosted critics.

Molly Rapert, Jim Inhofe’s daughter, her husband, Jimmy Rapert and their children were stranded in Washington, D.C. during the snow storm. On a bright and sunny day, they went outside and built a igloo – a big one.

Comments came from cars passing by: “Where’s global warming when you need it? Jase Rapert, 14, thought a sign saying “Al Gore’s New Home,” would be appropriate. Then came “Honk if you heart global warming.”

Molly and Jimmy Rapert and family – Al Gore’s New Home

The story and the photos were everywhere. The Senator didn’t know about the igloo until after it was done – but honestly, who cares if he built it and signed it. That would be even funnier.

Olbermann, 51, isn’t exactly one to talk about what makes a great family. He has never married and has no children. No wonder is he is a crank-extraordinaire, but what a relief – no worries about his offspring. He has reportedly lived with Katy Tur since mid-2006. Now, in the second video below, you’ll see Katy Tur, 25, dancing.Tur joined the Weather Channel in May 2009:

Olbermann denied any speculation that he assisted Tur in getting the Weather Channel gig, telling TV Newser that Tur was hired based on talent alone.

Olbermann signed off the video by calling Grandpa Inhofe a “cheesy politician.”

Olbermann names Inhofe Family Worst Family in the World (video)

Keith Olbermann girlfriend –  Katy Tur (video)

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