Joseph Andrew Stack is Pilot Hitting Austin Building

The name Joseph Andrew Stack, or J. Andrew Stack, has just been released and reported by FOX to be the name of the person who flew his plane into the Austin Eschelon Building. Stack is 53 years old. He is a software engineer and is licensed to fly the Cherokee 140. Updates as available.

An online document is signed by “Joe Stack 1956-2010” and is dated
02/18/2010. It appears to be a very angry rant against the IRS, and
maybe GW Bush. Read it here. Obviously, there is
no way, at this time, to confirm that this Joe Stack is the same Joseph
Andrew Stack involved in crashing a plane into the Eschelon One
Building in Austin, TX.

Police have now confirmed that the pilot is the author of the rant/suicide note. Original here.

12:15 CDT: The plane took off from Georgetown, TX Georgetown Municipal Airport.

12:50 AM CDT: Stack’s wife and 12-year-old
daughter, or perhpas step-daughter, were in the house when Joseph Andrew Stack set the house on
fire. A neighbor saw the fire and helped get the wife and daughter out
of the house.

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