Joe Stacks Suicide Plane Packed with Fuel Bomb? IRS EyeWitness Sees Plane Coming

CNN is reporting that Joe Stack’s suicide plane may have been packed with a fuel bomb. There is a working theory, that no one wants to lend their name to, that Stack may have replaced some of the plane’s seats with a drum of fuel to cause maximum damage, and kill as many IRS employees as possible. One IRS employee inside the building saw the plane coming right at him.

Austin IRS Offices – Eschelon One Building

The theory comes from the fact that a fuel drum is missing from the Georgetown Municipal airport where he kept his plane, and the Piper Cherokee PA-28 had several seats removed. Whether the seat were found at the airport or not is not clear.

I think there is a good chance he might have put it on his plane, said the official, who cautioned that investigators were still working that lead and sifting through the crash site.

The single-engine plane has a fuel tank capacity of 38 gallons and is equipped with four seats…

The FBI has taken the lead role in the investigation, saying that a federal agency was “basically assaulted.”

William Winnie, an IRS agent on the third floor of the Eschelon One building, saw Stack’s plane coming. It looked like it was coming right for his window

Andrew Jacobson was on the second floor when he heard a “big whoomp” and then a second explosion. He thought a bomb exploded. When I went to look out the window I saw wreckage, wheels and everything. That’s when I realized it was a plane, said Jacobson, whose bloody hands were bandaged.

Jacobson, also an IRS revenue officer, said about six people couldn’t use the stairwell because of smoke and debris. He found metal bar to bust a window so the group could crawl out on a concrete ledge where they were rescued by firefighters. 

“It was insane,” said Matt Farney, 39, who was in the parking lot of a nearby Home Depot. “It didn’t look like he was out of control or anything.”

Reginaldo Tiul-Tiul, a dishwasher at the nearby Sushi Sake Japanese Cuisine, said he had just gotten off a bus and was waiting to go into work when he saw the plane crash.

“I looked at my co-worker and said, “Why is that plane so low?” Tiul-Tiul, 30, said in Spanish. “It went straight for the building.”

Joe Stack murdered IRS worker, Vernon Hunter, 67. Hunter was a Revenue Officer Manager responsible for collections. His wife Valerie is also employed in the building. She was present when the plane struck but was able to evacuate the building. Stack and Mr. Hunter are the only deaths, but there were at least two critically injured. Apparently, the plane hit a second floor break room that empty at the time of the crash.

A comment in an article linked above said Stack’s wife Sheryl spent the night before the suicide mission in a local hotel. That’s odd because we were told she and her daughter were in the family home the day of the plane crash, when Stack torched the house. Supposedly, a neighbor saw the house fire and helped Sheryl Stack and her daughter get out of the burning house. Hear her statement in the video below, which is believe was given across the street from the burned-out home. The man speaking is Rayford Walker, a spokesman for the Stack family.

Sheryl Stack Statement about Husband Joe Stack (video)

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