Job Creation is All Government All the Time in The Time of Obama

All government jobs, all the time, in The Time of Obama

 Employment is up, wages are up, and job security is as firm as ever.
Unfortunately, this is only true for federal government workers.

President Obama is presiding over the largest federal work force in
decades. In the current fiscal year, the number of civilian workers will
grow by 153,000, to 1.43 million. These are the only jobs Mr. Obama can
legitimately claim to have created. Unfortunately, they are subsidized
by deficit spending. 

Federal positions are not shovel-ready make-work jobs, either. Working
for Uncle Sam pays extremely well these days. Government employment used
to be a calling, a career in which a sense of fulfillment from public
service offset low pay and spartan working conditions. Not so today.
According to a study by the Cato Institute, 2008 federal worker
pay-and-benefits packages averaged $119,982. That’s more than double the
private-sector average of $59,909.  

Source: Washington Times

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