Jim Inhofe Igloo: Inhofe Family Igloo Mocks Al Gores Global Warming

Senator Jim Inhofe’s (R-OK) family built an igloo in the “really big” snowfall in Washington, D.C., and mocking Al Gore’s global warming scam, the dedicated it to the former Vice President.

Jim Inhofe’s Family builds igloo mocking Al Gore’s Global Warming Scam

Inhofe’s daughter, Molly Rapert, her husband, Jimmy, and their 4 children dedicated the igloo to Al Gore, and mocking his global warming scam. A cardboard sign read: Al Gore’s New Home!” and “Honk if you (Heart) global warming.” You can do a driveby at Third Street and Independence Avenue Southeast.

Liberal blogs are distressed about this cheeky family:

Inhofe Family with Al Gore’s Igloo

Grant Lawrence’s meltdown is palpable and like the dedicated Liberal that he obviously is, he manages to bring up race and the Republican party, as he talks about Senator Inhofe’s lack of intelligence.

This one said Inhofe “used” his grandchildren to make a political point, and build the igloo. When was the last time you had to encourage kids to play in two feet of snow? Building an igloo that you can actually sit in is a lot more fun than building Frosty.

Another goes after Inhofe’s daughter – “Congenital, multi-generational stupidity,” and says the irony is that the “freakish” snow storm proves nothing about global warming…

…but psstttt – the inconvenient little secret is, the Washington, D.C. area receives an average of 17″ of snow every year, and more than that on average at the two D.C. area airports. There has been no discernable warming in the D.C. area since 1950, but the greenies keep chanting: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. addressed a group less than 1-1/2 years ago, and said the kids in the Virginia area just outside of D.C. hardly know what a sled is, and ice skating is impossible.

Mocking Al Gore – all in good fun!

Senator Inhofe said, “it’s just disappointing that more of the liberal blogs don’t seem to have a sense of humor about this…it was done in good fun.” Inhofe knows there will never be a smile or an ounce of generosity about anything he or his family does from a Liberal blogs.

Liberals have one thing to say, “this was the hottest decade on record.” Hmmmm, maybe not. The scammy scientists providing that data (and receiving the federal grants amounting to millions of dollars) have dismantled weather stations in…cold areas…don’tcha know, but left the warmer stations intact. Weather satellites since 2001 show the earth cooling, but the “earth-based,” man-positioned and manipulated weather stations show warming.

US researchers Joseph D’Aleo and Anthony Watts,
quoted in Dutch daily De Telegraaf, say the perceived global temperature rise may be an result of changes in the measuring methods.

There used to be 6,000 measuring posts, they say, but now there are
just 1,500. A number of weather stations in colder areas like Siberia
and the Arctic were dismantled, while the remaining stations were in
more moderate zones. As a consequence, data from colder areas was no
longer used in the calculations.

By the way, where is Al Gore? Haven’t heard a peep from the man since Copenhagen.

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